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Our philosophy

Stratega philosophy is all about giving our clients, greater peace of mind. 

We simplify the complex and provide full transparency into the structure and performance of investment and wealth plans, so they are optimized to meet our client's goals, not the strategies or models of others.


The goal of our investment philosophy is provide your family the opportunity to preserve and create wealth with confidence that you can meet your goals with no more risk than you need.


In addition to traditional wealth and investment offerings, Stratega family office works on the same side of the table with our clients to help them understand and evaluate how various investments and wealth management strategies and providers fit and work together. 

In this capacity, we are not being hired to replace existing providers, but to increase efficiency and clarity and to optimize portfolios to meet our client's plans.  

Our goal is to help families be better consumers of investment and wealth management services.


We are successful if our client's feels empowered to realize the fruits of their labor in cherishing the one finite asset we all share - time.

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