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In recent years we’ve seen unprecedented market volatility, and active management – which seeks to pick hot stocks or time the market – is like playing with fire.

Proactive management uses investment analysis, asset allocation, alternative investments and disciplined rebalancing to support a passively engineered philosophy.

This is not a buy-and-hold strategy. It’s the cool-headed approach.

Coolness rewards the prudent investor.


We developed The PROACTIVE Investment Strategy to provide clients a plan for life-long investing.

Our strategy follows these important proactive investing principles:

  • Manage risk by diversifying the investments among various asset classes and alternative investments.

  • Employ institutional funds that offer distinct advantages.

  • Focus on the total portfolio, not individual investments within it.

  • Reduce layers of unnecessary costs through proper management of asset allocation

  • Reward steady, life-long investing.


Studies show that portfolios using passive asset-class funds can be designed to deliver a higher expected return for a chosen level of risk over time.

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