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Our Services

Quality Control &

Consolidated Reporting

Provide transaction confirmation

Control pricing of each transaction

Ensure charges match agreements

Neutral consolidated reporting

Multi-currency reporting

Liquid & illiquid assets

Financial & non-financial assets

Quality Control

Simply put, we watch your back. We can negotiate terms on your behalf with financial institutions, the world’s top money managers and other service providers, and we reconcile each transaction via financial statements and perform numerous quality control checks quarterly.

We regularly find instances of over-charging of fees and commissions in reports that we compile on behalf of our clients

Consolidated Reporting

One of our primary objectives is to provide you with clarity around your wealth. With statements rolling in every month from a multitude of providers, keeping close tabs on significant wealth can be confusing and overwhelming to even the savviest of investors.

We provide you with a complete system of data aggregation and consolidated reporting that show you exactly what you own, how you own it, and where you are in relation to your investment objectives.

These statements, which can be tailored to your preferences, clearly show you – in one place – only the information that is most important to you and your family.


Family Governance & Education​

Mission statements for the family

Family values

Family protocol

Succession planning

Financial education

Facilitated family meetings


When it comes to communication between family members, nothing in wealth management is more critical - or complicated.

Our team is highly experienced with helping families navigate the multitude of challenges of a life with wealth.


A comprehensive wealth education and communication program can guide your family along the path to preserving your wealth and values.

Discover why family governance is an integral part of our wealth planning services, and how it can help your family operate more efficiently and harmoniously.



Wealth Planning 

Estate Planning

Education Funding

Estate Distribution

Estate Tax Liability Review

Generational Wealth Transfer 

Legal Entity Review

Life Insurance Review


Our wealth planning services are built around you.

Long before we offer you any investment advice, we take the time to get to know you – and your family – to identify your investment needs.


A critical component to any holistic wealth management plan is the insurance, tax and estate plan review.

We work with your family’s estate and tax planning professionals to identify your unique wealth planning goals and challenges and to effectively communicate with your tax and estate planning professionals in the implementation of a comprehensive planning strategy for your family wealth.

PROACTIVE Investment Advisory

Asset Allocation

Portfolio Construction

Investment Advisory Diagnostic

Tailored Investment Program

Manager Research

portfolio Stress Test

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Execution Support

Review of “Inbound Ideas”

The investment advice we provide reflects the unique goals and objectives you have for your wealth, while balancing the risks and opportunities associated with the global capital markets.


Our investment process is actively uncompromising.

We make a significant commitment to research, due diligence, and manager scrutiny.

We diversify your assets across all essential asset classes. We scour the industry for innovative approaches that add value.

And we scrupulously monitor your portfolio to guard against unnecessary risks.


But above all, we developed The PROACTIVE Investment Strategy that significantly reduces the wealth management costs for our clients and provide them with the

best value for money.


More about PROACTIVE
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